London Adventure: Day 5

Today we took a tour outside London to see Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Oxford.

Windsor was amazing but we were given strict instructions that the bus would leave without us if we didn’t get back on time. We got stuck inside the castle behind a very slow-moving group and when we finally got out we literally RAN ACROSS WINDSOR CASTLE to get back to the bus (again, I cursed myself for canceling my gym membership). Like, weaving in and out of strolling tourists… we were sprinting.

But we made it. With 1 minute to spare.

Then we went to Stonehenge, which was really cool, followed by Oxford. Did you know Oxford University isn’t one university? It’s a collection of 38 different colleges. It was hard to get pictures there because it was dark. At 4:30.

I have to say we were a hit with the tour guide. He sat us up front and while I assumed it was because of our fun personalities, Katie said, “He probably thought, ‘I could look at them ALL DAY.’”

(She’s very modest.)

He had way too much fun picking on us. He told us laughing was not allowed at the castle, to which I replied, “Oh, we’re screwed,” and then we burst into hysterical laughter. He then gave us a children’s entry ticket to Stonehenge.

After the tour we did a bit of pubbing, and made a new bartender friend, who was 24 (awwww…). He told us about his previous night of partying at a club and said, “It’s probably not your kind of thing. Even IIIII feel old there.”


We’re Instagram friends now lol!

Tomorrow is our last full day here and we plan to make the most of it!

London Adventure: Day 4

We started our day at St. Paul’s Cathedral. It was absolutely beautiful. We couldn’t take pictures inside, but we trekked up about 528 stairs to the very top and we were able to take some pretty great pictures of the views from up there. There were a couple moments I was a little fearful for my life (narrow/short/steep staircases in a few places caused a bit of anxiety, and I cursed myself for canceling my gym membership a few months ago!), but we made it… and it was awesome. Cold and windy, but awesome.

Then we walked across Millenium Bridge to see the Globe Theatre. We couldn’t go inside but it was still cool to see the theatre I taught my students about in person! On the way back we almost got attacked by a pigeon and I managed to get it on camera. We have come close to being hit by a pigeon SEVERAL TIMES. Those of you who know me well know I hate birds, so… yeah. Not cool.

From there we worked our way over to the Tower of London, but we got there too late for the tour so we’ll try again this weekend. We got to see the Tower Bridge a lot closer, though!

We continue to navigate the tube like a boss!

Oh, and do you like my new hat and scarf from my cousin Jamianne? So fun!!

After that we did a little shopping and pubbing. We have learned over the past few days that bars close early here (like 11:00… maybe because it gets dark at 4:00)! We’ve missed some great pub opportunities because we have been getting there too late. Today we started our own “pub crawl” early (like 5:00)! We have made quite a few new “friends” hanging out in the pubs, which has been cool. We even helped one woman plan her vacation to the states!

Tomorrow we head to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Oxford! It’ll be an early morning so it’s time for bed! Night!

London Adventure: Day 3

We started our day today at Westminster Abbey. We couldn’t take pictures inside but it was spectacular! When we walked up the guide said, “Let me guess… Americans?” We asked how he knew and he said, “I watch a lot of Cops. Whatcha gonna do?” (which sounds way cooler in a British accent). Of course we joined in and sang the rest of the song. Yes… in Westminster Abbey. Because we’re classy like that.

Katie is upholding her local status wherever we go, as today a Londoner asked her if he was on the right platform. Of course out came a resounding, confident, “Yes!” and then I said… “Are you sure?”

After Westminster we met my cousin Jamianne Trerice for lunch at the Victoria and Albert museum, which was great! I hadn’t seen her since I was a kid, and I got to meet 2 of her daughters! Katie and I explored some of the museum, which had some really cool displays. We had some fun in the theatre section and even found some New Year’s Eve hats!

Finally, we ended the day with a BANG. Hamilton.

Omigod…. Hamilton.

Absolutely, unbelievably amazing. We can’t stop talking about it. We laughed, we cried (I ugly cried)…. Katie gave it 5 stars because, “Not once did I think, ‘Is it over yet?’”

God I’m glad she has me to culture her.

London Adventure: Day 2 (Paris!)

We took a train under the Chunnel to Paris today! We were given a map and a couple Metro (subway) tickets and let loose in the city! I was almost pick pocketed immediately upon arrival and an old French lady slapped me on the wrist (literally). Katie, on the other hand, was approached by more than one French person needing directions. Obviously she’s the leader in this outfit.

We (Katie) managed to navigate the metro system throughout the city and saw some cool sights in our short time there, and went on a river cruise.

I’m officially a thief, as I stole a bracelet from a peddler. Hey…. I didn’t ask him for it!

One thing we didn’t plan on was needing some French euros to pee. It’s like Urinetown over there (“You gotta pay to pee”)!

We are now back in London, having also learned how to navigate the tube (London subway) on the way back. We tried a new pub across the street and made fast friends but had to run away when they took “friendly” to another level.

We’re killin’ it over here!

London Adventure: Day 1

My BFF Katie and I both turned 40 this year, so we had to come up with a grand way to celebrate.  We decided we’d ring in the New Year in LONDON this year!

Day 1: We arrived at the hotel around noon, which is across from the Canadian Embassy (to quote Katie: “I feel safer knowing Canada is so close!”). Then we had Thai food for lunch and took a bus tour to see a few sights. We ended the day with dinner/drinks at Sherlock Holmes Pub, where we caused a ruckus trying to figure out the drink tab situation over here (almost shouting our secret tab number to the entire pub… whoops)!

Going to bed early because tomorrow we head to Paris for the day! Night!