London Adventure: Day 2 (Paris!)

We took a train under the Chunnel to Paris today! We were given a map and a couple Metro (subway) tickets and let loose in the city! I was almost pick pocketed immediately upon arrival and an old French lady slapped me on the wrist (literally). Katie, on the other hand, was approached by more than one French person needing directions. Obviously she’s the leader in this outfit.

We (Katie) managed to navigate the metro system throughout the city and saw some cool sights in our short time there, and went on a river cruise.

I’m officially a thief, as I stole a bracelet from a peddler. Hey…. I didn’t ask him for it!

One thing we didn’t plan on was needing some French euros to pee. It’s like Urinetown over there (“You gotta pay to pee”)!

We are now back in London, having also learned how to navigate the tube (London subway) on the way back. We tried a new pub across the street and made fast friends but had to run away when they took “friendly” to another level.

We’re killin’ it over here!

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