London Adventure: Day 5

Today we took a tour outside London to see Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Oxford.

Windsor was amazing but we were given strict instructions that the bus would leave without us if we didn’t get back on time. We got stuck inside the castle behind a very slow-moving group and when we finally got out we literally RAN ACROSS WINDSOR CASTLE to get back to the bus (again, I cursed myself for canceling my gym membership). Like, weaving in and out of strolling tourists… we were sprinting.

But we made it. With 1 minute to spare.

Then we went to Stonehenge, which was really cool, followed by Oxford. Did you know Oxford University isn’t one university? It’s a collection of 38 different colleges. It was hard to get pictures there because it was dark. At 4:30.

I have to say we were a hit with the tour guide. He sat us up front and while I assumed it was because of our fun personalities, Katie said, “He probably thought, ‘I could look at them ALL DAY.’”

(She’s very modest.)

He had way too much fun picking on us. He told us laughing was not allowed at the castle, to which I replied, “Oh, we’re screwed,” and then we burst into hysterical laughter. He then gave us a children’s entry ticket to Stonehenge.

After the tour we did a bit of pubbing, and made a new bartender friend, who was 24 (awwww…). He told us about his previous night of partying at a club and said, “It’s probably not your kind of thing. Even IIIII feel old there.”


We’re Instagram friends now lol!

Tomorrow is our last full day here and we plan to make the most of it!

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