Houston Auto Show!


It’s tradition: Every year for the kids’ birthdays I give them an “experience” vs. “stuff.”  It has turned into a really fun tradition!  Chase is really into cars right now, so I took him to the Houston Auto Show.  Of course we had to start our day with a hearty breakfast:


We had a blast!

I like to get the kids a souvenir of our experience together, but the choices were lacking at the auto show so I designed a one-of-a-kind, original T-shirt for him, which he loved:

file 7

I love these one-on-one experiences together.  I truly believe the best gift you can give someone is your time.

London Adventure: New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year! My cousin Jamianne took us to breakfast at Wolseley to start the day.  Apparently there are lots of celebrity sightings there, but we had no such luck. From there we headed to the Tower of London for the Beefeater Tour! Very cool.

Things were crazy around our hotel today because it’s located right across from Trafalgar Square, which is a really popular place for New Year’s Eve partying. Because of this we headed back to do some shopping in the area (Covent Gardens). On the way we swung by Buckingham Palace, which is literally right down the road from our hotel!

While out shopping, we asked someone to take our pic at the cool phone booths here, which I’ve been trying to do all week!

The New Year’s Eve party was a bust but it was great people watching and it was nice to ring in the new year together. We left after the fireworks and are currently enjoying our sandwiches in bed (thanks to Katie for thinking ahead and ordering them to go earlier)!

This is unfortunately the end of our journey, as we head back to the states tomorrow.

Cheers to 2018!