Conversations with a 13-Year-Old: Mustache Madness

Conversation with Chase in the car today:

CHASE: (looking at himself in the mirror) Mom, I’m getting a mustache.
ME: I know. It’s freaking me out.
ME: Why are you getting a mustache? Or why is it freaking me out?
CHASE: Why am I getting a mustache? At my age??
ME: Puberty.
CHASE: Haha, no but seriously. Why?
ME: Seriously. Puberty.
CHASE: Oh gawd.
ME: Yeah. It’s freaking me out. I don’t know anything about shaving that stuff so I don’t know what we’re gonna do.
CHASE: I’m gonna be one of those 8th graders with a big furry mustache!
ME: Um NO. No you are not. We will figure it out. YouTube can help us.
CHASE: Oh good.

NOTE: He would absolutely kill me if he knew I posted this. So shhhhh….!

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