Conversations with a 13-Year-Old: Virtual School, Day 2

CHASE: Mom, I’m done!
MOM: OK, I’m coming.
MOM: To check it.
CHASE: Oh my GOD, WHY?!?
(Mom walks upstairs.)
MOM: Go to your task list. It will list everything that isn’t done yet.
(Clicks on tasks…. A HUGE list of things from the beginning of the school year appears.)
MOM: Omg.
CHASE: That’s all old stuff.
MOM: I can see that. Scroll down. (scrolls) What’s this ELA assignment?
(He opens it)
CHASE: Well I wasn’t sure what to do, but I read it.
MOM: It says to annotate the text.
CHASE: Yeah but I don’t know how to do that on here.
MOM: Well instead of just skipping it, why don’t you ask?
(MOM shows him how to edit the document, walks back downstairs, sits in chair.)
CHASE: Mom! It’s not working!

O… M… G…..

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