Me as a Pirate

I scratched my eye or something. Felt like I had rock salt in the back of my eye. Chloe and I made a makeshift eye patch out of a headband and old fabric to keep pressure on it. I asked the kids, “Do I look like Nick Fury?” They were not supportive.

I was hoping it would get better on its own but it wasn’t long before I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to go to the eye doctor. It was quite the ordeal getting there. I took off the eye patch contraption before I left and found some gauze to hold over my eye instead… so I wouldn’t look totally insane walking in. I geared myself up with the mask my mom made me and headed to the car to drive there. But my garage door didn’t open. Ugh. “No problem, I’ll just pull the release cord and get out manually.” Except the cord wouldn’t release. And I couldn’t see it well enough to figure out why. I immediately started crying. Like… SOBBING. I headed back inside to call an Uber. Couldn’t read the screen between my bum (and holy PAINFUL) eye and my tears. Had to look up the address because I had never been to this (or any!) eye doctor before…. Chloe walked downstairs to find me sobbing in the kitchen and was like, “Uhhhhh…. Mom?” Anyway, I finally got the Uber and I probably looked very diseased and terrifying but the driver was nice about it.

At the eye doctor I was poked and prodded in ways nothing can prepare you for. Remember, this was my very first eye doctor experience so I was unfamiliar with all the things. The doctor was very nice and helpful, though. She tried super hard to find whatever was in my eye that was scratching it all to hell, and eventually just did a big eye wash and got whatever it was flushed out. Now I’m just on eye drops to treat the scratches it left behind but I can SEE!!!!!! It’s a beautiful thing. But Chloe has to do my eye drops for me because I’m still a big wuss.

Hoppy Easter!

I had to order all of the Easter treats this year. Sometimes it’s hard to estimate sizes. I ordered 2 bags of candy and didn’t realize I ordered two GINORMOUS bags of candy. Then I decided to get a couple little bags of jelly beans and they apparently didn’t have any left and substituted it for 2 bags of more assorted candy. We have more candy than we know what to do with. Not. Cool.

At any rate, Chase wanted to be in charge of the egg hunt this year and it was awesome. He put a lot of effort into color coding each egg and tying it to different levels of difficulty.

Hoppy Easter!

New Addition: Kirby the Hamster

Well we have a new member of the family. Last week Chloe and I were going for a run, and we were about to start running after our warm-up walk when she said, “Mom! Look!”

There was a hamster running along the curb in the street.

We were trying to figure out how to pick it up without getting bit when he took off toward the middle of the street (with cars coming!) so I ran out there and grabbed him. On the way back home (so much for the run!) we called Chase and asked him to meet us in the garage with a box so the dogs wouldn’t go nuts.

Upon further investigation we noticed he was pretty beat up. He had a big cut on his leg, a mangled foot, his eye was swollen shut and he had blood coming out of his nose. Chloe begged me to take him to the vet so I caved and made an appointment. Paid $83 for the exam and antibiotics, and we have a follow-up appointment tomorrow to see if he has to have his foot amputated (omg).

I posted pics on my neighborhood websites but of course no one claimed him. Chloe got attached quickly and named him “Kirby” (since we found him on the curb), so today I caved and let her keep him. PetCo was scary to venture into because we haven’t been going ANYWHERE, but we survived. Chloe is his official owner, as she is taking his care VERY seriously. The dogs are quite curious, to say the least! This should be interesting!