Happy Birthday to Me!

I had a nice quarantine birthday today! It was all about ordering food: Duck Donuts and Starbucks for breakfast, Urban Picnic for lunch, and Nothing Bundt Cakes for dessert! (Once again, the kids wrote the card.)

My mom and I did our annual “Happy Birthday to Both of Us” FaceTime…. It was a good day. 🙂

My colleagues at work pooled together to get me a Visa gift card and I was soooo excited because I used it to buy myself some headphones! Let me explain.

Since becoming a 100%-of-the-time working mom, there are some parts of my life that are gone. One seemingly small thing I have missed is my TV time. When I had them 50% of the time, or even 75%, I had some weekends/nights to myself to relax. Once I had my kids all the time I realized all my favorite shows were not kid-appropriate. If I did have the energy to watch a show after they went to bed (rare), I had to hold a finger on the mute button just in case something popped up on the screen that I didn’t even need the kids to hear. Know what I’m sayin’? Anyway, a friend of mine gave me the idea of getting bluetooth headphones so I could watch without worrying about what the kids would hear upstairs. This gift card from my coworkers gave me the freedom to sit back and enjoy my shows without worry. Ahhhhhhhh…. It’s a beautiful thing.

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