Work For It!

My weekly deal with Chase is that when I check his grades at the end of the week his ability to play video games that weekend depends on whether or not he’s passing all his classes and/or missing any work. His grades looked great this week in all of his classes but one. That one class took his games away. He’s been doing OK with the loss, but he and his friends do a weekly “game night with the boys” on Saturday nights and today he bargained with me…. “I’ll do all the chores you want if I can at least do my game night with boys!”
I’m sorry…. Call me weak… but I just had to take advantage of that offer.

First I made him prove he did the work to bring that grade up (the beautiful part of online learning). Then I made him WORK for it (and told him if I heard one complaint the deal was off)! He did dishes, laundry, scooped poop, gathered and took out recycling, vacuumed the entire house including the stairs, hung things up for me outside, cleaned the kitchen, scrubbed his bathtub and my shower (score!!)… all with a “yes, ma’am” attitude.

Totally worth it.

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