Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! We definitely got into the spirit this year!

The kids’ dad used to go crazy decorating his yard for the holidays. Chloe wanted me to take all of his decorations after he died, but it was a LOT and let’s just say… not my style. So I told her we could totally decorate outside this year to honor that memory, but on my terms lol. This is our start. I figure we’ll add to it little by little throughout the years. Chloe had a lot of fun shopping for the decorations with me, and we actually made the ghosts ourselves (thanks, Martha Stewart)!

We carved pumpkins in the spirit of our new COVID life:

Last night we did a little Halloween “festival-ing”. We first went to this cool sounding place in Georgetown but when we got there NOBODY was wearing a mask and the kids were the ones to say “never mind” first. They couldn’t believe people weren’t taking the pandemic seriously. (I was so proud!) Chase said it perfectly:

“Think of a mask as a video game upgrade: ‘+50% disease resistance.’” I thought that was a hilarious perspective!

Anyway, we left that place and went to Pioneer Farms, which was lots less crowded and had lots of safety measures in place. It was really low key but we had a lot of fun. Just exploring old houses in the dark with few others around was creepily fabulous.

And then of course we had to dress up! We had a “Stranger Things” costume theme this year. It happened by accident. Chase said he wanted to wear a hazmat suit this year (because COVID). And Chloe wanted to be Eleven from Stranger Things. They wear hazmat suits in Stranger Things so we decided to make it an all-out theme and dress the dogs up as demogorgons (whose costumes Chloe and I made ourselves)!

For reference:

And here’s our take!

Of course I had to join the fun!

Trick-or-Treating looked different this year, but in a fun way! Chloe got to go with one of her best friends she hadn’t seen since we shut down in March, so that was awesome. Now we are quarantining her candy for a few days before she can touch it. (Don’t worry, I bought extra for her to have until then!)

Chase spent the night at a close friend’s house (someone he has lunch with at school every day, anyway). They ran around his neighborhood trick-or-treating and played video games all night.

Happy Halloween!

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