All this for a broken nail. Poor baby! Cisco somehow split his nail down the center and had to have it removed. He’s a little drunk, which is hilarious. Alexia was very concerned.

P.S. Drunk Cisco is a lot like Drunk E.T. Hahahaha!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

This isn’t “Turkey Day” in our house. We make foods we love for Thanksgiving. We tend to pick lasagna every time as the main course. This year I had some helpers in the kitchen!

And then we had our traditional pumpkin cheesecake for dessert… with my parents this year (on FaceTime)!

Chloe put this up on her easel and we all contributed to it:

We have so much to be thankful for!

Conversations With a 10-Year-Old: Treats


CHLOE: They’re having a dollar off deal at the pizza place for spirit night tonight, sooo….?????
MOM: Soooo…????
CHLOE: Sooooo… maybe we could get a little something something??
MOM: You’re going to have to be more specific.
CHLOE: You know…. Starts with a T and ends with an “EAT”……??
MOM: Teet?

Cue my own hysterical laughter. I didn’t know what it would sound like til it came out!! 😂

(She meant TREAT.)

Chase’s First Maintenance Test

Chase is on his way to testing for his black belt! To better prepare for it, he has to do two “maintenance tests” before the big test in January. His first was last night, virtually. In addition to his forms, he had to do 3 board breaking techniques and I had to hold the boards for him. It was terrifying but we got through it! Go, Chase! He’s so close to finishing!!

End of Soccer Season

This soccer season was an interesting one. They were shut down for awhile, then opened for practices and eventually games with a bunch of safety rules in place. It was hard deciding whether or not to let her play due to COVID, but ultimately she loves it and her soul needed it. She played goalkeeper and killed it! I am so proud of her. She has really grown as a player!