Happy Birthday, Chase!

Chase is 14. I can’t believe it.

I usually do a birthday experience for the kids but this year that has proven difficult. So I decided to do something he never expected me to do.

Chase has been begging for a gaming computer in his room FOREVER. So I caved. (Parental Disclaimer: He still has all the same parental controls, screen time limits, etc.)

I arranged for him to stay at a friend’s house overnight last weekend so Chloe and I could set it all up (desk, chair, computer, and rearrange the room to accommodate). When he got home the next day I asked him to put his stuff in his room (where Chloe was waiting to capture the big moment on video). He was definitely shocked and very appreciative.

I’m glad I was able to give him his birthday gift early, because now, on his actual birthday, I am awaiting test results to see if I have COVID… so I am quarantined in my room. Lovely.

Chloe helped me set up a carpet picnic outside my bedroom door. I ordered a pizza and my dear friend Celeste Schneider was kind enough to pick up my Nothing Bundt Cakes order (my first year not making a birthday cake… sad moment!) and bring me croissants and Sprite. It may not have been the perfect birthday party but it will surely be memorable. And this weekend he has a virtual gaming birthday party set up where he and his friends will game all night long.

Happy 14th Birthday, Chase M’Face!


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