Chase’s Birthday Experience

For Chase’s Birthday Experience this year we did a Harry Potter Escape Room! It was so much fun. We didn’t beat it, but they said for a team of 2 we got pretty far! We made a great team, and celebrated with lunch at Mod Pizza.

I am so grateful he still enjoys spending some quality time with Mom. I’ll hold onto it as long as I can!

Houston Dynamo Game!

Chloe’s birthday “experience” this year was a trip to Houston with me to see the Houston Dynamo’s play, since she’s so into soccer!  We ordered shirts to wear so we could be true fans!


The Dynamos won the game, and every time the scored a goal fireworks would go off and streamers would come down.  Chloe lived for those moments!

We had some time before the game to check out Discovery Green, too:

In the third picture above she is trying to climb a knotted rope.  She attempted that rope that over and over and over again until she accomplished it.  Not once did she give up because it was too hard.  I love her growth mindset!

Before heading home there was just one more thing to do:

file 7

(Of course!)

Houston Auto Show!


It’s tradition: Every year for the kids’ birthdays I give them an “experience” vs. “stuff.”  It has turned into a really fun tradition!  Chase is really into cars right now, so I took him to the Houston Auto Show.  Of course we had to start our day with a hearty breakfast:


We had a blast!

I like to get the kids a souvenir of our experience together, but the choices were lacking at the auto show so I designed a one-of-a-kind, original T-shirt for him, which he loved:

file 7

I love these one-on-one experiences together.  I truly believe the best gift you can give someone is your time.

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