Renaissance Festival

We decided to get away for the weekend to try to have a little fun, after all we’ve been going through lately. We met up with my BFF Katie and her crew at the Renaissance Festival! Overall we had a good time. Chloe had a hard time because their dad used to take them there a lot, but we got through it. Life is going to be full of moments like that, where things just don’t feel the same for them. All we can do is power through and take things one step at a time….

Winter Wonderland

My parents came to town a couple days after Christmas, and we went to the “Winter Wonderland” festival at Circuit of the Americas!  It was pretty cool….  They had an awesome Chinese lantern display…


There were opportunities to take group photos…

We rode the carousel…

…and at one point the kids decided to get up close and personal with a light display, hanging out on the steps and running around on the lawn:

file 3file 4

We ended the night by giving the kids a chance to ride carnival rides!

file 7

It was cold, but we had a great time!