Well, the kids are going to go back to school in-person tomorrow, so I thought I’d recap some of our quarantine experiences.

We built a mask collection (thanks to my mom)!

We did some baking:

…played games:

…got into escape rooms:

…played volleyball (until they shut the court down):

…read books:

…did some art projects:

We invented a new type of Ping Pong called “PE Ping Pong”. The rules:

  1. If the ball is on your side of the table, use whatever means necessary (using the paddle) to get it back over the net (even if you have to hit it 10 times).
  2. If you’re the reason the ball goes off the table, you have to run in place while playing until the other person hits it off the table.
  3. Add some dramatics where possible.
  4. Laugh a lot (though in this particular photo they are in deep concentration mode lol!):

I also learned how to cut Chase’s hair (not very well, but good enough for quarantine). Check out the before & after’s!

We learned how to do everything online, setting up our workspaces and even virtual Tae Kwon Do spaces!

Chloe and I started running again:

We did a lot of “drive-in” and “drive-by” activities: Drive-in movies, Drive-by last day of school, Drive-by birthday parties…

I did some organizing (in addition to my big home projects):

And the kids did what they do best:

It has definitely been (and continues to be) a strange time, but all that time “trapped” in the house together actually came at a great time for us. After the kids’ dad died, life was a whirlwind. This forced us to slow down a bit and just enjoy our time together. Man, I love my little family….


My HOA finally got on me for my lawn (well, lack thereof). I’m really glad they did. I mean, I knew it had to be done… but I could think of so many more fun ways to spend $5K!! This kicked me in the butt to just suck it up and do it. I splurged on a sprinkler system, too, so I don’t kill my investment. Chloe helped me clean up the landscaping and put down new mulch. Much better….

Here are some before & after’s:

Garage Makeover

I cleaned out and reorganized my garage today. I spent 10 straight hours in there and the process was hot and sweaty and definitely not fun but it’s DONE and it feels AMAZING!! Here are some before and after pics. It isn’t glamorous but for some reason it just makes me feel better about my life! Lol

Here are some before & after’s:

Every time I open the garage door I feel a sense of peace now. Ahhhhhhhh….

Kids’ Bathroom Makeover

We decided to make the most of our time at home and do some home makeovers! First up: The kids’ bathroom! Chloe helped a lot and we are very proud of it. It was in desperate need of some TLC! Cool story: I found the 4 pictures on Amazon and asked the kids what they thought of them. Apparently their dad had the exact same ones at his house. They thought that was really cool. SOLD.

Here are some before and after shots: