KickStart Belt Ceremony

Chase earned his purple belt in Karate through his KickStart program at school!

Chloe’s Fine Arts Night

Chloe showed off both her musical and visual art skills at her Fine Arts Night tonight! It started with an abridged performance of “The Greatest Showman,” followed by an art show around the school. This girl’s got talent!

Science Fair

Chloe took a lot of pride in her Science Fair project this year. She did an experiment with static electricity! She did the actual experiment at her dad’s and the presentation part at my house. She worked really hard, doing it all on her own (minus some hot glue help from Mom). Quite the perfectionist my daughter is…. I wonder where she gets it? Lol

Back to School!

It’s time to go back to school!  Chase is starting middle school (6th grade), and Chloe is now in 3rd.  Their dad had them on the first day, but he was nice enough to send a picture:


(Oh, Chloe…. When will you learn to brush your hair?  lol)

Chase is in the band this year.  He originally picked the trumpet…

file 2

…but he did so well on that audition they kept asking him to come back and audition for other things, so he finally landed on percussion.  I can’t wait for the first band concert!

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