Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! We started our day volunteering at Operation Turkey, delivering Thanksgiving meals to those less fortunate. It was such a great experience, and the kids and I decided we would make it a tradition from here on out.

Later in the afternoon we were invited to my good friend Celeste’s house, where her fiance made a full turkey dinner for the four of us. It was so delicious, and so thoughtful of them to invite us over so I didn’t have to worry about preparing anything.

This year I am thankful for my amazing kids, friends, family, new traditions, and the support we have all around us. When bad stuff happens, good people just come out of the woodwork to show they care. It’s a really amazing thing to experience.

Downtown Fun

I decided this year for Thanksgiving we needed to do something positive because everyone keeps saying holidays are the hardest after someone close to you dies. I did some searching for volunteer opportunities and signed us up for Operation Turkey, an organization that provides Thanksgiving meals to the homeless and less fortunate. We went downtown for an orientation and just goofed around a bit before heading home. I asked the kids to recreate a photo for me that appeared in my Timehop app (from 8 years ago) and the result is hilarious!