I have done away with traditional New Years resolutions.  I mean, they were always the same and I always forgot them all after about a month, anyway.  So in 2012 I created my first New Years “mantra,” to use as a general guide for living life throughout the year.  It worked so well for me that year I decided to make it a tradition.  I give it a lot of careful thought in the time leading up to the new year, and then I constantly remind myself of my mantra throughout that year as I need motivation to really live it.  

For the sake of preserving them for all of posterity, here is a list of my mantras since I started them in 2012:

  • 2012: Take More Risks
  • 2013: Make It Happen
  • 2014: Don’t Just Get There. Grow there.
  • 2015: Take Charge. Stay Charged.
  • 2016: Nurture Yourself.
  • 2017: Make 40 Fierce!
  • 2018: Be Active
  • 2019: Open Your Heart, Close Your Wallet
  • 2020: Reboot – defined as “to start (something) anew: to refresh (something) by making a new start or creating a new version”
  • 2021: Do Good
  • 2022: Baby Steps